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is growing fast...

And this is just the start of a global mooovement!


We’re innovators and change makers connecting the farming world to cutting-edge technology. In other words, we help the everyday farmer better manage their herds right from their fingertips.

Our solution combines data collection and data analysis. The data is collected using the BovControl app, and the data can be analyzed through a dashboard control panel that can be accessed from any computer or device with Internet.

We are seeking to engage every cattle rancher on the planet and enhance efficiency and productivity, despite not owning a single farm (except for the experimental farm where our ideas are put into action!).

Combating global hunger through this method greatly motivates our team.

We are actively seeking capable, driven and self-motivated developers that want to improve life in the world by coding. Believe me,  it's possible! Now it's your chance to code for a better world.

Feeding 1 billion people per day through our users, before our 10th anniversary, is our main goal.


Autonomy, Transparency and Productivity

Everyone is empowered to make decisions, communication is transparent, and we are obsessed with our own productivity.



Mindfulness, egolessness, and consciousness for a pragmatic craftsmanship are core to our culture - from daily interactions to how we get things done.

Well-being “Fitness”

Fitness - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (though not necessarily religious) will be required for most of the leadership roles.


Exceptional Benefits

We offer stock-options to all of our employees, interns and third party consultants, as part of the compensation and associated with the performance.


Sense of Priority

The Highest is the priority and our Lord. We feel the Epiphany when we secure willpower. We have deference to all of the traditions that empowers this kind of discovery.


Seekers, Questioning with Respect

We encourage questioning everything with respect. We discourage all kinds of violence and not clear emotions and recommend cleaning-it-up before.

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So if the shirt fits?

With offices in Silicon Valley, Central Valley (Fresno), Boston and São Paulo (capital and countryside), BovControl offers the opportunity to grow your career in an exciting direction while you help to build incredible products.


BovControl is growing fast...and it is just the start of a global mooovement.